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Digital Art

In 2002, a class in high school not only introduced me to what would become my favorite hobby, but it also set the stage for my entire career. It was a graphics class teaching Adobe Photoshop. Digital illustration, or photomanipulation, was a technique artists would use to digitally paint over scenes or photographs, often using Photoshop. Now, it's common to introduce 3D elements into these renders to add a greater depth to the illustration. This side of the graphic arts world remains a deep passion of mine and I try to explore this space whenever possible.

Pokemon Go
Star King
Black Pearl, Black Ocean

Photo Retouching

When I was in Denver working with the Integer Group, I had a blast retouching a series of photographs for MillerCoors featuring our favorite foodie, Guy Fieri. The images were shot far too cool and needed to be warmed up to match the lively atmosphere. General retouching, such as crumb clean-up and blemish removal was done, alongside some significant background removal to likely hold marketing content.

Guy Fieri
MillerCoors 1
MillerCoors 2
MillerCoors 3
MillerCoors 4
Before / After
MillerCoors Before & After 2
MillerCoors Before & After 1
MillerCoors Logo

Branding & Design

After getting my bachelor's degree in technical graphics, I wanted to study traditional graphic design so that I could be knowledgeable in design standards and workflow. With the help of Shillington, I fell in love with graphic design and began my journey into layout, typography, and branding. Recently, I had the opportunity to rebrand Saint Francis Healthcare, the largest organization in Cape Girardeau County, my home county of southeast Missouri. I also developed the Gurulla brand for a start-up project.

Saint Francis Healthcare