The on-demand platform that connects merchandising companies with an engaged workforce, Gurulla is a mobile app and website that tracks merchandising job orders. Empowered contractors can do their work and get paid while companies effectively fill those jobs.


Most displays (video screens, posters, cardboard cut-outs, etc.) in retail stores, movie theaters and gas stations are assembled and updated by contractors hired by merchandising companies. However, there is currently no reliable platform for merchandising companies to connect with contractors or viceversa, leaving work orders incomplete and job-seekers navigating ineffective digital and real-world services to find reliable merchandising work.

Our competitors’ technologies are ineffective and their marketing to contractors is virtually non-existent; currently their customers are IT outsourcing companies, not merchandising companies. Our competitors and merchandising companies provide minimal support to contractors in the field.


A mobile app and website that matches merchandising companies with an engaged workforce. Merchandising companies can draw from a pool of contract professionals to visit stores and implement merchandising plans while contractors can quickly apply, get notified, complete, and receive compensation for merchandising jobs.

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The Gurulla brand is one of bold ingenuity. We represent a driven, professional workforce who are eager to find efficient solutions to the modern on-demand workforce. The jobs are out there; we're here to help you get the job done.


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Adam Davis is the chief executive officer of Gurulla. In his 10+ years in IT he has handled tech support, break/fix, server deployment, and project management. What started as a “side hustle” has turned into over 200 marketing and merchandising jobs in the Cape Girardeau, St. Louis, Nashville, and Memphis areas. Adam has a glaring insight into how inefficient and unnecessarily complicated current retail merchandising practices are.

Brad Holten is the chief creative officer of Gurulla and a visual designer in graduate school at DePaul University in Chicago studying human-computer interaction. With a passion for user-friendly design, he’s had experience working with major advertising and marketing companies featuring clients such as Miller-Coors, Kellogg's, and DirectTV.

Josh Floyd is president and chief evangelist of Gurulla and a twelve year veteran of retail, food and beverage, and customer service. His experience in retail provides great insight into how merchandisers can and should interact with stores and their employees as well as retail best-practice in how stores interact with merchandisers and vendors.

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Gurulla was a product developed for submission in Codefi's 1st50K startup competition. While Gurulla did not receive funding from this competition, the concept is still being developed and is generating interest with potential supporters.

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